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Top 10 Hostels - London Districts

Hostel London

Central LondonCentral LondonCentral London

London Central is the best district of London and there cannot be any doubts. All main attractions and must seen sights are situated in the great capital. You can find Chinatown, Convent Garden, Buckingham Palace, White Hall, Horse Guards, Westminster Abbey, London Eye, Leicester Square and there are just beginning of London sightseeing's list in Central London!

London WestLondon WestLondon West

The most popular London sights for the West of London can be found in Notting Hill, Hyde Park, the British Museum and Covent Garden! Enjoy some British culture and history in the British museum, have a relaxing walk or picnic in London's Hyde Park, Holland Park or Covent Garden or visit the famous film setting of Notting Hill!

London NorthLondon NorthLondon North

The North of London is famous for its vibrant and multicultural areas: Camden Town is famous for its alternative culture and its clubs and markets. Wood Green London is known as a London spot for film, music and multi-media artists. In the North of London you can go to Camden Town and shop around the different Camden Markets, where you can find almost everything.

London East London EastLondon East

In the East of London you can find the London Harbour and therefore the famous London River Thames and its several London Wharfs and Quays. London travellers can just chill out near the water or make a river cruise on the River Thames. Visit the famous London Tower and the Tower Bridge which are also located in eastern London.

London SouthLondon SouthLondon South

From the South of London it is also quite near to the London River Thames (including the London Tower and the Tower Bridge), which is perfect for a London sightseeing tour from the water! Besides that, sport Fans, and especially tennis fans, can have a look at the famous Wimbledon spot, where the Wimbledon Tennis Championships are held.

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